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Sarah's books, performances, workshops and classroom resources use the power of story to engage the next generation in saving our planet.

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What Fuels Sarah?

Sarah Pye Author Speaker Educator Environmentalist What Fuels Sarah

Sarah first went to Borneo in 2012 because she wanted to see orangutans in the wild. While there, she met Wong Siew Te, a scientist who has dedicated his life to saving sun bears and their rainforest habitat. Sarah was captivated by his charisma and commitment and asked what she could do to help. “Do what you do best,” he replied. Those powerful five words changed the trajectory of Sarah’s life.

What Does She Do?

Sarah Pye Author Speaker Educator Environmentalist What Does She Do

Sarah spent four years writing Wong’s biography, Saving Sun Bears, which was published in 2020. Then, she had an epiphany – if the next generation don’t love the environment and wildlife, our species might be next to go extinct. Sarah now engages schoolkids through the adventures of Wildlife Wong, (often accompanied by her puppet menagerie), and runs hands-on environmental workshop designed to nurture connection to nature.

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Praise for Sarah's Work

Sarah's presentation was eloquent, passionate and engaging. Her audience was spellbound.

Daryle Cook Sunshine Coast

There's no better way to help kids understand the environment and wildlife than reading and doing experiments based on it. The kids love this stuff.

Aaron Parker Australia

Great educational books for kids about sun bears and the amazing work that Dr Wong does in saving them.

Irene Lee Canada


Get your FREE fact sheets about Borneo and rainforest animals for class activities and school projects

5 amazing fact sheets to help kids understand the rainforest animals on the beautiful island of Borneo.