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So, who is Sarah Pye?

Sarah's childhood rocked; her first business ran on air; and she'd give anything for comfy boots. 

Sarah may be a writer, speaker and teacher, but that hasn’t always been the case.

She was born on a tiny British outpost on the Mediterranean Ocean called Gibraltar on which barbary apes, Catalan fishermen, and military expats carve an existence on the side of a rock...

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Stories Can Change the World

Sarah helps you learn, create, grow and connect to the world around you.

Exclusive Interview

Get Access To This Exclusive Interview With Dr Wong Siew Te 

  • Dame Judi Dench

  • Hear Wong's story about Dame Judi Dench and how she reacted when asked to help release 3 bears back into the jungle. Her response to the request might surprise you.

  • The Covid Impact

  • Find out what Wong and his team did to keep the Bornean Sun Bear Conservation Centre afloat when Covid 19 hit, and how you can become part of the solution by spreading the word.

  • New Children's Books

  • Join Wong and Sarah as they discuss plans for the creation and release of childrens' books aimed at building knowledge of the environment and ecosystems through tapping into their natural curiosity.

  • The Future

  • Find out what Wong and Sarah's thoughts are on the future of the Sun Bears, the Conservation Centre and our beautiful blue planet.

  • Join In The Fun

  • Click the button below to get access to this amazing, exclusive interview and to become part of Sarah's growing subscriber group. Receive all sarah's latest updates, news about Sun Bears, tours, coaching programs, speaking engagements and so much more. 

    Exclusive Interview Dr Wong Siew Te And Dr Sarah Pye

    Upcoming Events

    Join Sarah for workshops, booksignings and speaking engagements

      Sept 6

      Sarah at Montessori International College

      Dr Sarah Pye spends all day with kids age 6-10 at Montesorri International College in Forest Glen, Queensland. Children will learn about the rainforest, hear stories, meet the real life hero, Dr Wong and even build orangutan nests!

      Sept 10

      Saving Sun Bears Club

      Join Dr Sarah and Dr Wong and a group of dedicated sun bear activists for a chat about the month's happenings and enjoy an exclusive meeting with baby Luna!

      Sept 29

      Nature Kids Rock! Workshop 

      Ignite your kids love of nature this school holidays, as part of USC's program. Kids get to make their very own Nature Journal and learn from its content... 

    What People Are Saying

    Sarah's workshops, books, speaking and coaching are loved by many. Read what they have to say:

    The online consultation with Sarah was probably the most helpful conversation I've had since I began writing my book.

    Evan Landy - Singapore.

    Sarah's presentation was eloquent, passionate and engaging. Her audience was spellbound.

    Daryle Cook- Sunshine Coast.

    Congrats on the most insipring book I've read in a long time!

    Irene Lee - Canada.

    Sarah has been featured in:

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