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"Do what you do best"

Dr Wong Siew Te

Speaking With Dr Wong Siew Te

Sarah is comfortable speaking in front of any audience

No matter whether she is presenting an academic paper on her research, or teaching children about sun bears, Dr Sarah carries her audience along in her passion. Sarah has lectured at the University of the Sunshine Coast in various disciplines for the past 13 years. She is comfortable presenting at schools, festivals, conferences, motivational speaking events, or as a keynote speaker at an industry function.

Presentations with a difference

Sarah’s superpower and difference as a speaker is her enduring friendship with Dr Wong Siew Te. Not only is he a leader in his field, but he is an experienced international speaker who often joins into her presentations via virtual link.


Potential Speaking Topics

Highlighted below are some of Sarah's potential speaking topics. She encourages additional suggestions.

What Do YOU Do Best?

When Sarah first met Dr Wong Siew Te (or Papa Bear) in Borneo in 2012, she was captivated by his charisma and commitment to save a species. Sarah asked what I could do to help. ‘Do what you do best’ was his response.

Those five powerful words led her on an eight-year journey of discovery and impacted the lives of many. The pinnacle was when Wong invited Sarah to help release two endangered sun bears back into the wild in 2018!

Let Sarah’s engaging adventures inspire YOU to find your own path and positively impact your own world. Dr Wong is available via virtual link to share humorous anecdotes about his experience working with Sarah, and answer questions about the Bornean Sun Bear Conservation Centre.

Available in person or online. Suitable and adaptable for all audiences.

Meet The World's Smallest Bear

Have you ever wondered about sun bears? Why are they important to the rainforest? Why are they endangered? What is being done to save them? What can YOU do to help?

This informative and heartwarming talk is enhanced with amazing footage and images of the smallest bear in the world. 

School children and adults alike are enthralled when, near the end of Sarah’s presentation, they are joined by Dr Wong Siew Te via a virtual link from the jungles of Borneo to answer their questions and report on recent scientific and conservation efforts.

Available in person or online. Suitable and adabptable for all audiences. Very inspirational for youth.

The Environmental Power Of The Pen

Sarah believes the gap between science and art is hindering conservation. She is convinced that utilising the skills of creatives to help interpret science will benefit conservation.

Her book Saving Sun Bears, and other environmental narratives which came before, are an important part of the conservation narrative.

Sarah is often joined by Dr Wong Siew Te via virtual link. Together they discuss and answer questions about working together to the common goal of improving awareness of the 'world's forgotten bear' and the cultural differences in conservation between her Western and his Eastern thinking and practice.

Available in person or online. Suitable for adult audiences.

Watch The Film, Meet The Hero

The acclaimed documentary film BEARTREK follows renowned British biologist Chris Morgan through the sweeping landscapes of Alaska, Peru and Borneo on an epic and engaging journey to find the world's most elusive and endangered bears.

Discover the threats facing them in the wild, and meet the dedicated people racing to polar bears, grizzlies, spectacle bears and sun bears from extinction.

Sarah will introduce the film and talk about her adventures with bears. Then, after the screening, one of the heroes of BEARTREK, Dr Wong Siew Te joins remotely to answer questions from the audience.

Available in person with suitable equipment. Suitable and adaptable for all audiences.

Why Save Sun Bears?

Dr Wong Siew Te has spent his life learning about sun bears and trying to save them from extinction. In 2017 he was acknowledged as a CNN World Wildlife Hero.

In this video he explains why sun bears are important to the Bornean rainforest, and how the Bornean Sun Bear Conservation Centre is making a difference. 


Speaking Event Reviews

People love Sarah's speaking events and come back multiple times. Read what they have to say:

Sarah is an accomplished speaker with a unique ability to make you feel good after listening to her. I often walk away wanting, and knowing how to make a difference to the world we live in.

Melinda Haeusler - Sunshine Coast

Not only is Sarah’s knowledge and experience inspiring for students of sustainability, but she models what effective communication is all about: knowing your audience, clear and interesting messaging, great visuals and authentic human connection.  I’d invite her back in a heartbeat.

Dr Noni Keys - University of the Sunshine Coast.

Sarah Pye delivered an excellent presentation at Wildlife Tourism Australia’s webinar in June 2020, on the importance of storytelling in wildlife interpretation. Sarah has a confident but cheerful and friendly manner very conducive to engaging an audience.

Dr Ronda Green - Wildlife Tourism Australia.

Exclusive Interview With Wong

Get Access To This Interview With Dr Wong Siew Te And Dr Sarah 

  • Dame Judi Dench

  • Hear Wong's story about Dame Judi Dench and how she reacted when asked to help release 3 bears back into the jungle. Her response to the request might surprise you.

  • The Covid Impact

  • Find out what Wong and his team did to keep the Bornean Sun Bear Conservation Centre afloat when Covid 19 hit, and how you can become part of the solution by spreading the word.

  • New Children's Books

  • Join Wong and Sarah as they discuss plans for the creation and release of childrens' books aimed at building knowledge of the environment and ecosystems through tapping into their natural curiosity.

  • The Future

  • Find out what Wong and Sarah's thoughts are on the future of the Sun Bears, the Conservation Centre and our beautiful blue planet.

  • Join In The Fun

  • Click the button below to get access to this amazing, exclusive interview and to become part of Sarah's growing subscriber group. Receive all sarah's latest updates, news about Sun Bears, tours, coaching programs, speaking engagements and so much more. 

    Exclusive Interview Dr Wong Siew Te And Dr Sarah Pye

    ABC's Annie Gaffney Interviews Sarah and Wong

    Over 3200 people tuned into the Saving Sun Bears book launch on World Environment Day 2020. The event was hosted by ABC Radio journalist Annie Gaffney who interviewed Sarah and Wong about the experience of working together on this project.

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