Wildlife Wong and the

Fig Wasp

This nonfiction chapter book is suitable for kids aged 8-12. It includes an engaging true life adventure story of the fig wasp, information about this amazing species, experiments which relate to the story, and a glossary of new words.

Watch this video of author Dr Sarah Pye reading from Wildlife Wong and the Fig Waspand don’t forget to watch the experiment videos below too!

Wildlife Wong and the Fig Wasp

Wildlife Wong encounters weird and wonderful plants and creatures as he tries to track elusive sun bears in Borneo. Meet frogs that fly, flowers that stink, and ants that can carry their own weight.

They are all amazing, but it is the relationship between the gigantic fig tree and the tiny fig wasp that surprises him the most.

What do you think Wildlife Wong discovers?


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Reader's Reviews

Reuben Wildlife Wong and the Fig Wasp

Reuben - Age 9

Verified Buyer

I loved this story so much and learned so many amazing things! For example, how long (/short!) fig wasps live and what their jobs are. I learned that if you see a little tree, it may have grown from another tree’s roots, so it may be much, much older than you think!

It was very funny when Wildlife Wong thought he had dropped a grain of rice on a stick, but the stick went for a walk and then camouflaged itself again!

I would definitely recommend this fantastic book to everyone, including kids who are home schooling like me, and adults like my mum who loved it too, especially as she’s from Borneo. I can’t wait to do the science experiments at the end of the book!


Elke Wildlife Wong and the Fig Wasp

Elke - Age 9


I really love this book. It has lots of different things I like. I got to learn about new things and facts that aren't talked about in school. There are also lots of things that make you laugh and mystery and suspense.
It is also great how the book also mentions animals from the other books such as the sun bear. It is easy to read and teaches you new and tricky words that make you feel smarter and make you want to keep reading. I love that I have all of Wildlife Wong’s books, so far!


James - Age 10


I loved reading the book. It was great and it has a lot of detail in it and has a lot you can learn about the fig wasp. It is fun to read, and I think it is the best book about fig wasps, sun bears and other forest creatures. I think it is a book for everyone to read and enjoy.

Wildlife Wong and the Fig Wasp Experiments

Wildlife Wong and the Fig Wasp includes environmental activities and experiments for kids so you can feel like a scientist... just like Wildlife Wong!

Make a Terrarium

A terrarium is like a miniature rainforest and it works exactly the same way. You never have to water your terrarium — it’s magic! Click the video below.

Make a Quadrat

Scientists us a frame called a quadrat to count how many insects or flowers there are in a small square. Then they multiply their answers to cover a whole area. Do you want to make your own quadrat?

Wildlife Wong And The Fig Wasp Flyer

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