Wildlife Wong and the Sun Bear

This nonfiction chapter book is suitable for kids aged 8-12. It includes an engaging true life adventure story of an orphaned sun bear cub, information about this vulnerable species, experiments which relate to the story, and a glossary of new words.

Watch this video of author Dr Sarah Pye reading from Wildlife Wong and the Sun Bearand don’t forget to watch the experiment videos below too!

Wildlife Wong and the Sun Bear

When Wildlife Wong meets Damai, she is a tiny sun bear cub with an uncertain future. Her mother has been killed by poachers. She is scared and alone. Wildlife Wong becomes her new mum. He teaches her to climb trees and dig for food. Before long, she joins a gang of new sun bear friends at the Bornean Sun Bear Conservation Centre.

Life is much better…but… Will Damai ever be a free sun bear again?

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Award-Winning Finalist in the Children's Non-Fiction category of the 2021 International Book Awards.


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Reader's Reviews

Riley Review Wildlife Wong And The Sun Bear


Verified Buyer

What I enjoyed most about the book was Damai’s story. It had an emotional feel to it. There was happiness, sadness and in my head, I could imagine what it would be like to be a sun bear. The experiments were also interesting, like making electricity from potatoes and copper wire. I was able to try things that I had not done before. This story, set in the jungles of Borneo, is full of fun facts and information, emotional stories wild bears and interesting people. Enjoy the adventure into the wild! 

Ellen Review Wildlife Wong and the Sun Bear



This book is a great read for kids because it shows how Sun Bears coexist in their environment with other species. It can help kids understand how habitats are more complex than just plants and include the animals, too. The activities are fun and engaging, and this would be a great asset to a classroom or to a child’s personal library.

Irene Lee Review Wildlife Wong and the Sun Bear

Irene Lee


Great educational book for kids about sun bears and the amazing work that Dr Wong does in saving them. It's a wonderful teaching tool for any parent or classroom teacher to educate kids about saving nature and the environment. The experiments at the back of the book are great in creating a hands on experience in some of the things that Wong and the staff at the BSBCC do.

Wildlife Wong and the Sun Bear Experiments

Wildlife Wong and the Sun Bear includes environmental activities and experiments for kids so you can feel like a scientist... just like Wildlife Wong!

Each Wildlife Wong book also comes with FREE Nature Journal Pages to complete. Just click on the image or the Download Journal button to save a copy of the pages to your computer, then print them out.

Wildlife Wong and the Sun Bear Journal Pages

Making Electricity

Sun bears stay in their enclosure because it is surrounded by an electric fence, but did you know you could make electricity from potatoes?

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Animal in captivity get bored easily so volunteers make 'enrichments'. You can make enrichments for your dog too!

Dog Vending Machine

Or give this vending machine to you dog when you have to go out.

Cat Octopus

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Magic Cat Wand

Or maybe your cat will prefer this enrichment toy!

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