Wildlife Wong Book Series

The Wildlife Wong Series of chapter books is written for kids aged 8-12. The books revolve around the real-life adventures of ecologist Dr Wong who lives and works in the jungles of Borneo.

What's Inside?

Each book has something for everyone – even reluctant readers! They include a true adventure story, amazing facts about crazy critters, hands-on experiments, illustrations, photographs, and a list of new words.

Adventure Story

Adventure Story

Amazing Facts

Amazing Facts

Hands-On Experiments

Hands On Experiments

The Wildlife Wong Book Series

Wildlife Wong And The Sun Bear Square
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Wildlife Wong and the Sun Bear

When Wildlife Wong meets Damai, she is a tiny sun bear cub with an uncertain future. Her mother has been killed by poachers. She is scared and alone. Wildlife Wong becomes her new mum. He teaches her to climb trees and dig for food. Before long, she joins a gang of new sun bear friends at the Bornean Sun Bear Conservation Centre. Life is much better…but… Will Damai ever be a free sun bear again?

Award-Winning Finalist in the Children's Non-Fiction category of the 2021 International Book Awards

Wildlife Wong and the Orangutan

When Wildlife Wong is far away from home, in a country called Taiwan, he looks after a sad rescued orangutan called Polly. She has been stolen from her mother and kept as a pet. He vows to help save wildlife and, when he moves to Polly’s true home of Borneo, he comes face-to-face with her wild relatives. Some are angry, some are naughty, and some are nice. What will Wong do when a playful orangutan locks him in his office?

Wildlife Wong And The Orangutan Square
Wildlife Wong And The Pygmy Elephant Square

Wildlife Wong and the Pygmy Elephant

Pygmy means ‘small’, but pygmy elephants are the largest mammals in Borneo, and they can be very dangerous. When Wildlife Wong is tracking bears in the rainforest, he tries his best to avoid them. He isn’t always successful. In this story, curious elephants take their own photos with his camera traps, an angry male chases him down the road, and a family of elephants sit on his car in the middle of the night! So, what will Wong do when a lonely baby elephant walks across the road in front of him?

Wildlife Wong and the Bearded Pig

When Wildlife Wong was a boy, he had many unusual pets. Do you want to meet some of them? Wong dreamed of working with wildlife animals, and eventually his dream came true. In this exciting story, Wildlife Wong spends three years living in the middle of the jungle trying to trap bearded pigs. Can you imagine that? Along the way, he meets some crazy characters like Michael, his mate Mary, and their three piglets Pork, Chop and Bacon!

Wildlife Wong And The Bearded Pig Square
Wildlife Wong And The Fig Wasp Square

Wildlife Wong and the Fig Wasp

Wildlife Wong encounters weird and wonderful plants and creatures as he tries to track elusive sun bears in Borneo. Meet frogs that fly, flowers that stink, and ants that can carry their own weight. They are all amazing, but it is the relationship between the gigantic fig tree and the tiny fig wasp that surprises him the most. What do you think Wildlife Wong discovers?

Wildlife Wong and the Sumatran Rhino

When Wildlife Wong learns how to stuff dead animals, he doesn’t know it will lead him to meet Mina, a captive Sumatran rhino whose species is struggling to survive. Does Wildlife Wong manage to track her wild cousins in the rainforest so they can be saved? Or will a falling tree branch propel this ancient animal to the brink of extinction? And what can Wildlife Wong learn from the ghosts of rhinos past that will help him stop sun bears suffering the same fate?

Wildlife Wong and the Sumatran Tiger 3d Book Cover2

Australian Curriculum 

The books even align with the Australian curriculum for Years 4-7! Click the DOWNLOAD NOW button for more information.

But That's Not All

Each book page includes videos of the experiments, and Nature Journal pages so you can conduct even more experiments in your own backyard! Do you want to make a unique cover for your Nature Journal?

Example Journal Open

Wildlife Wong Nature Journal Open

Example Journal Closed

Wildlife Wong Nature Journal Closed

Wildlife Wong Nature Journal Template

Click the download button below the Nature Journal template to get your own copy of the template, then watch the video to learn how to make your own journal cover.

How To Make The Wildlife Wong Nature Journal Cover

Watch this video on how to make your cover.


Is Wildlife Wong Real?

The short answer is YES. Wildlife Wong’s full name is Dr Wong Siew Te. Some people also call him ‘Papa Bear’! He lives on an island called Borneo in SE Asia, where he runs the Bornean Sun Bear Conservation Centre. So far, Wong has rescued about 65 bears, and rehabilitated. He spends most of his time with bears, but he has all kinds of adventures with other animals too. You can find out more about Wildlife Wong and his amazing work here.

Are the Wildlife Wong Stories True?

All the stories about Wildlife Wong are true stories. Sarah interviews Wong who shares all his stories. Then she weaves his experiences together into the book. Before it goes to print, Wong reads the book and lets Sarah know if she needs to change anything. These stories would not be possible without the collaboration between Dr Wong and Dr Sarah.

How Many Books Will There Be in the Wildlife Wong Series?

Eventually, there will be nine Wildlife Wong books. Each one focuses on a different rainforest creature. Each animal has a different, yet important, tale to tell; each book includes a story, amazing facts and experiments; and each book aligns with the Australian curriculum.

How Can I Become A Wildlife Wong Reviewer?

Before a Wildlife Wong book is published, the story is sent to several young people for their thoughts and feedback. Sarah is really grateful for their expert opinions! Some of the reviews are published in the front of the finished book with a photograph and Sarah sends them a free copy as a thank you! If you would like to be a Wildlife Wong Young Reviewer, email Sarah here.

Why is the Rainforest Important?

The rainforest is home to many different species. When we cut down trees, many animals, birds and insects lose their homes, and nature’s balance is affected. But that’s not all. Borneo has been called ‘the lungs of our planet’ because the trees breathe IN carbon dioxide and breathe OUT oxygen. All living things need oxygen to survive, including us! We need the Bornean rainforest as much as the animals who live there.

Who Drew the Sketches in the Wildlife Wong Books?

The wonderful black and white sketches in the Wildlife Wong books were drawn by Ali Beck, an artist in New South Wales, Australia. First, Sarah sends Ali a list of sketches. Ali creates these sketches in the old-fashioned way—with a pencil and paper and sends Sarah a photo. Sometimes Sarah suggests changes. When the sketches are finished, Ali scans her artwork and sends it to Sarah who, in turn, sends all the images to the book designer, Gram.

Are Wildlife Wong Books Appropriate for My Child/Class?

Wildlife Wong books target children between 8-12 depending on their reading ability. Almost all children love the stories, but reluctant readers love the statistics, and those kids who have trouble sitting still love the experiments. While the conservation topics are challenging, the narratives have been written in an age-appropriate fashion, and the books align to the Australian curriculum for Year 4-7.

Can Dr Sarah or Wildlife Wong Visit My School?

YES. Sarah conducts readings and workshops in-person or online. She is often joined by a menagerie of rainforest puppet characters, and other times she is joined by the real-life hero Wildlife Wong to answer questions about his amazing life! To find out more, click here.

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