Wildlife Wong and the Orangutan

This nonfiction chapter book is suitable for kids aged 8-12. It includes an engaging true life adventure story of an orangutan, information about this vulnerable species, experiments which relate to the story, and a glossary of new words.

Watch this video of author Dr Sarah Pye reading from Wildlife Wong and the Orangutanand don’t forget to watch the experiment videos below too!

Wildlife Wong and the Orangutan

When Wildlife Wong is far away from home, in a country called Taiwan, he looks after a sad rescued orangutan called Polly. She has been stolen from her mother and kept as a pet. He vows to help save wildlife and, when he moves to Polly’s true home of Borneo, he comes face-to-face with her wild relatives. Some are angry, some are naughty, and some are nice.

What will Wong do when a playful orangutan locks him in his office?


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Reader's Reviews

Samuel Kentish Review

Samual Kentish - Age 10

Verified Buyer

I loved the funny stories about what the orangutans get up to in the rescue centre, they certainly are naughty.

I would love to visit some of the interesting places in this book like the rainforests in Borneo.  

I learnt lots about primates and how similar they are to us. I wish we could climb and hang from trees as well as they can!


Issie Thorpe Review Wildlife Wong and the Orangutan

Issie Thorpe - Age 9


This book is great for readers who are interested in wildlife and conservation. It tells the story of Wong and his love for unusual animals. I especially how he has worked to save orangutans from captivity. I also learnt lots of nature facts. 5 out of 5!!!

Alex Messetter Review Wildlife Wong and the Orangutan

Alex Messetter - Age 12


I really enjoyed this book. On each page I could find at least one fact that I didn’t know, and each was very interesting. I also liked the way the facts were mixed in with the story.

Wildlife Wong and the Orangutan Experiments

Wildlife Wong and the Orangutan includes environmental activities and experiments for kids so you can feel like a scientist... just like Wildlife Wong!

Each Wildlife Wong book also comes with FREE Nature Journal Pages to complete. Just click on the image or the Download Journal button to save a copy of the pages to your computer, then print them out.

Wildlife Wong and the Orangutan Journal Pages

Orangutan Nest

Orangutans bend branches and weave them together with their hands and teeth. It’s not as easy as it looks. Can you make an orangutan nest?

Key Lime Pie

In the story of the naughty orangutan who stole Wong’s keys, do you remember what Wong traded for the key? Do you want to make some pie to remind you of the story?

Wildlife Wong and the Orangutan Flyer Image

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