Wildlife Wong and the

Sumatran Rhino

This nonfiction chapter book is suitable for kids aged 8-12. It includes an engaging true life adventure story of a Sumatran rhino, information about this vulnerable species, experiments which relate to the story, and a glossary of new words.

Watch this video of author Dr Sarah Pye reading from Wildlife Wong and the Sumatran Rhinoand don’t forget to watch the experiment videos below too!

Wildlife Wong and the Sumatran Rhino

When Wildlife Wong learns how to stuff dead animals, he doesn’t know it will lead him to meet Mina, a captive Sumatran rhino whose species is struggling to survive.
Does Wildlife Wong manage to track her wild cousins in the rainforest so they can be saved? Or will a falling tree branch propel this ancient animal to the brink of extinction?
And what can Wildlife Wong learn from the ghosts of rhinos past that will help him stop sun bears suffering the same fate?


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Reader's Reviews

Ava Review Wildlife Wong and the Sumatran Rhino

Ava - Age 8

Verified Buyer

I think other people should read Wildlife Wong and the Sumatran Rhino so they can learn more about rhinos and sun bears too. I liked it when Wildlife Wong learnt how to stuff animals. It's cool that the Sumatran rhino is a good swimmer like me. I thought the idea of grinding up our toenail clippings and selling them for lots of money was a funny idea, but it shows us how careless we are when we kill rhinos to grind up their horns. 

The story was interesting and inspired me to research rhinos more and adopt one. I also thought making a rhino was really 


Callan Review Wildlife Wong and the Sumatran Rhino

Callan - Age 12


My favourite part of this book was reading about when William taught Wildlife Wong how to stuff an animal and when Wong stuffed the leopard cat. While reading the book, I felt anger and disbelief, because people have let the rhinos die out.
Wildlife’s Wong’s work is absolutely amazing. It is great at the end to find out interesting information about the animals I just read about and follow the fun experiments!

Bailey - Age 10


This is a great book (like all of your others… of course) for kids who want to help the environment or just want to read and learn about different animals.
Sumatran rhinos are so interesting. I enjoyed reading all the facts like what they eat, why they are endangered, how we can help, and that their horns are made of a protein called keratin. I never knew Sumatran rhinos descended from Woolly Rhinos.
I love all the stories about Wildlife Wong, especially when Wong tries something new like taxidermy.
The way that you bold and explain difficult words that some kids (including me) might not understand, makes it so much easier and more exciting to read. We are learning so much as we read…… interesting facts, big fancy words and so much more.

Wildlife Wong and the Sumatran Rhino Experiments

Wildlife Wong and the Sumatran Rhino includes environmental activities and experiments for kids so you can feel like a scientist... just like Wildlife Wong!

Make a Rhino Mannequin

Sumatran rhinos are now extinct in the wild in Malaysia, but there is still hope... we can still save them in Indonesia! Make a model to show support! Click the video below.

Make a Rhino Habitat

One of the reasons Sumatran rhinos are critically endangered is habitat loss. Why not make a rainforest for your rhino model to show you care?

Wildlife Wong and the Sumatran Rhino Flyer Image

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Download this flyer and send it wherever you see fit… and thank you so much for your support.